“Branding is an honest representation of the personality of, and the promise behind, a company.”

Branding is perhaps more important today than it has ever been. Harmony Design’s work is always, in part at least, about successful branding, with print and web elements working together to establish a cohesive brand presence.

Understanding a client’s identity means being able to create appropriate branding elements that impart each company’s unique personality at a glance – visual communication. Effective visual communication requires clean, smart design, guided by strategy, inspiration, imagination and taste.

Harmony Design offers graphic design in all shapes and sizes, from basic product one-sheet and brochure to more brand-defining efforts such as logo/identity packages and stationery systems. Quality and function are always our goals.

Coordinated print ads, fliers, vehicle graphics, business cards and internet presence are key to a successful corporate identity. Clients should recognize you at a glance. Harmony Design can work with your existing identity, or create a new one for you, tying all your advertising elements into one cohesive message.

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